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1937: Quiet Before the Storm
 pg. 114 
The Jewish War Veterans called for a boycott of German-made goods in response to Nazi persecution of Jews. The boycott proved ineffective, and in fact had an adverse effect: It supplied the Nazis with an excuse for oppressing Jews even more severely. No amount of economic pressure would stop the process by which Germany's Jews were driven out of German public life.
Photo: Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, Inc./United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
During the years 1933 to 1938, the German government made a concerted effort to force Jews out of public institutions. By 1937, for example, more than 60 percent of Jewish children had been driven out of German schools. In response, Jewish associations established their own schools with activities paralleling those of the "Aryan" majority. Pictured is a certificate awarded to Trude Kirchhausen for winning the long jump in her school's sports festival.
Photo: Trudy Kirchhausen Turkel/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
These young German women are pictured in a nurse training camp. Camp life allowed the regime to mold the bodies and minds of Germany's young people. Healthy bodies were important not only for the defense of the Fatherland, but also for the propagation of the Aryan "race." The creation of sound minds meant creating the proper respect for National Socialist ideals, especially the notion of racial purity.
Photo: Archive Photos/Herbert
 1937: At the Nationalist Socialist Party rally at Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler announces the Third Reich will last a thousand years.
 1937: Adolf Hitler Schulen (AHS; Adolf Hitler Schools) are established to educate and train future Nazi leaders.
 1937: The Baum Group, a Jewish resistance organization, is established in Berlin by Herbert and Marianne Baum.
 1937: The Central Conference of American Rabbis officially abrogates the Pittsburgh Platform of 1885, which declared that Jews should no longer look forward to a return to Israel. This new policy actively encourages Jews to support the establishment of a Jewish homeland.
 1937: Stronnictwo Pracy (Labor Front), a right-wing labor and antisemitic party, is established in Poland.
1937: Quiet Before the Storm
 pg. 114 
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