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1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 173 
Among the thousands of Eastern European synagogues destroyed by the German invaders was this one in Inowroclaw, Poland. The demolition of synagogues was part of Nazi Germany's efforts to eradicate Jewish culture in the lands they conquered. Often, before they destroyed Jewish religious centers, the Germans would desecrate the sacred objects held there, such as Torah scrolls.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
One of the favorite forms of "entertainment" for the German invaders of Poland was to shear the beards of Orthodox Jews. This photograph shows SS troops from the Leibstandarte (bodyguard regiment) "Adolf Hitler" forcibly shaving an Orthodox Jew in Lublin, Poland. Not only was this humiliating for the victim, but it also violated the religious scruples of many Eastern European Jews.
Photo: Yad Vashem Photo Archives
Jews from Tluste, a small village located in the Ukraine, are forced to remove their clothing before being killed. Expected to relocate Jews from the Polish countryside to urban centers, the Einsatzgruppen faced a formidable task. They often decided to kill the Jews right on the spot rather than transport them hundreds of miles to the nearest ghetto. After eradicating Polish Jewry from the countryside, the Einsatzgruppen completed their missions by burning Jewish houses and places of worship.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 September 28, 1939: Poland surrenders, and the country is partitioned between Germany and the Soviet Union.
 September 28, 1939: The SS selects the start of the weeklong Jewish festival of Sukkot to forcibly deport more than 8000 Jews from Pultusk, Poland.
 September-December 1939: German administrative divisions of Eastern Europe are established. They are Greater Danzig (northern Poland), West Prussia (northern Europe on the Baltic), Greater East Prussia (northern Europe on the Baltic), and the Warthegau (western Poland). Jews are forcibly expelled from these areas.
 October 1939: In Vienna, Austria, Übersiedlungsaktion (Resettlement action) is instituted against able-bodied Jewish men. These Jews are deported to Poland for forced labor.
 October 1939: Nazis begin the internment of Polish "mental defectives" in the Polish village of Piasnica.
1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 173 
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