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1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 182 
Nazi policies in the ghettos made it extremely difficult for Jews to support themselves. This Jewish woman is selling hair pins and ribbons on a Lublin, Poland, street. Through such techniques, some Jews managed to eke out a living in the ghettos. But increasingly severe German regulations made it ever more difficult for ghettoized Jews to survive, and they died of disease and starvation by the tens of thousands.
Photo: Bundesarchiv
Jewish children were a particular affront to the Nazis. They were, after all, the future of the Jewish "race." Further, Jewish children were especially "useless" because few of them could work. Hence, they were usually among the first victims of Nazi pogroms. This photo from the Lublin (Poland) Ghetto records a group of Jewish children and their overseer. Note the untrusting eyes of the two children in the foreground.
Photo: The New York Times

The Nazis established the first Jewish ghetto in Piotrków in October 1939. Warsaw, the largest ghetto with 360,000 Jews initially, was sealed a year later.
 December 5-6, 1939: German authorities seize Jewish property in Poland. Items that are appropriated include businesses, homes, furniture and other household goods, currency and bank accounts, art, jewelry, and other valuables. Now economically helpless, the Jews have virtually nothing with which to sustain themselves.
 December 6, 1939: As an example of its policy of blocking all Jewish escape routes in Central Europe, the British Foreign Office warns Bulgaria that if it ships its Jews to Palestine, the British will "expect the Bulgarian government to take the immigrants back."
 December 8, 1939: Six Jews and 25 non-Jewish Poles, accused of committing acts of sabotage, are shot in Occupied Warsaw.
1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 182 
The Holocaust Chronicle
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