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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 253 
A child of an SS officer is christened in an elaborate and occult-like ceremony. The infant is draped on a wool shawl decorated with a swastika and SS runes, and is placed before an altar covered with the Nazi flag. Each child was given a silver beaker, a silver spoon, and a blue, silk shawl. For every fourth child born to an SS family, the mothers were presented with a silver candlestick engraved with the message, "You are a link in the clan's chain."
Photo: Bundesarchiv / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Many Jews who had escaped the ghettos and camps volunteered to fight Nazis and Fascists. Some 5000 joined the Polish Second Corps, formed in Russia in 1941, while about 30,000 others enlisted in the British Army. Both groups later saw combat in Italy. Here, Arab and Jewish recruits, composing the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps of the British Army, march side by side during a training exercise in Palestine.
Photo: Hulton Getty Images
Julius Lippert, here pictured riding the horse Friedericus, was among the Nazi elite. Extremely well-educated, this longtime acquaintance of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels was also a virulent antisemite. He became mayor of Berlin after Hitler's seizure of power, and was largely responsible for the vicious persecution experienced by Jews of the capital city during the first years of the Third Reich. Lippert also instilled his malignant hatred of Jews into his young son, who became famous for his harassment of his Jewish classmates.
Photo: SYddeutscher Verlag Bilderdienst
 August 1941: United States Senator Gerald Nye denounces the "Yiddish controllers" of American theater and movies. U.S. Senator Burton Wheeler attacks Jews in the movie business as "Hollywood Hitlers." U.S. Senator Champ Clark sponsors an investigation into Hollywood's "unpatriotic" Jewish filmmakers. (Unpatriotic because their films advocate involvement in the European war.) Other congressmen express antisemitism. Many Americans agree with these sentiments. Many Americans also believe that should the United States go to war, it must be against the Soviet Union, not against Germany.
 August 1941: Hundreds of Jews die during death marches from Bessarukiato, Bessarabia, to the Dniester River.
 August 1, 1941: A Jewish ghetto at Bialystok, Poland, is established.
 August 1, 1941: More than 1000 Jews are killed by an Einsatzkommando at Kishinev, Romania.
 August 1, 1941: Shmuel Verble, chairman of the Jewish Council in the Ukrainian village of Kamien Koszyrski, volunteers for death after discovering an execution list with the names of 80 ghetto residents.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 253 
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