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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 268 
The Einsatzgruppen were especially active in the Ukraine. Here, soldiers of the Waffen-SS and the Reich Labor Service observe the execution of a Ukrainian Jew by a comrade from Einsatzgruppe D. In September 1941 the Nazis murdered 28,000 Jews outside of the Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa, burying them in mass graves.
Photo: Library of Congress / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Two Polish Jews doing forced labor pose with their German bosses and tormentors. The pained expressions on the faces of the two Jewish men stand in stark contrast to the smiles of the German overseers. The sight of two well-dressed Jewish men shoveling coal and sweeping the streets apparently brought joy to the faces of these Nazis.
Photo: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Beginning in September 1941, German Jews had to wear the Star of David on their clothes. The star, which made their "racial" background readily identifiable, contained the word Jude. This Jewish couple was photographed on the streets of Berlin. With the stars, they had lost any hope of escaping torment at the hands of Nazis they encountered. The stars also made it easier for the Germans to identify Jews for deportation to the East, which was tantamount to a death sentence.
Photo: AP/Wide World
 September 27, 1941: More than 3200 Jews of Ejszyszki, Lithuania, are executed at pits on the outskirts of the city.
 September 27-28, 1941: Jews at Kiev, Ukraine, are ordered to assemble for "resettlement"; See September 29-30, 1941.
 September 29-30, 1941: As a reprisal for the September 24 booby-trap deaths of German troops at the hands of Soviet soldiers in Kiev, Ukraine, 33,771 Jews are shot to death in a ravine at Babi Yar, Ukraine. The massacre is masterminded by Sonderkommando 4a commander Paul Blobel.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 268 
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