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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 319 
One method the Nazis used to discourage rebellion was the shooting of hostages, especially women and children, in retaliation for acts of resistance. Five women, about to fall victims to a firing squad, were among 100 Slovenians shot in the village of Celje in 1942. The Nazis believed that the shooting of women and children would be especially effective in discouraging resistance activity. Yet, even such atrocities did not completely halt the actions of the Yugoslavian partisans.
Photo: Lydia Chagoll / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Their work done, the 30 troops of the German firing squad in Celje turn on their heels, leaving their five victims sprawled awkwardly in death. The bodies were removed on gurneys and taken to a mass grave for burial.
Photo: Lydia Chagoll / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Jewish workers push a heavily loaded cart down a railroad line near Bor, Yugoslavia. Guarded by Hungarians but supervised by Germans, workers in the Bor camp labored day and night in the copper mines, producing the mineral vital to the manufacture of armaments. More and more slave laborers were needed to keep the German war machine going as the Germans battled on several fronts.
Photo: Beth Hatefutsoth
 May 1942: 2600 Libyan Jews are deported to a forced-labor camp at Giado, Libya, to build roads for the military.
 May 1942: More than 1750 Jews are deported from Tripoli, Libya, to forced-labor sites at the Libyan cities of Benghazi, Homs, and Derna. Hundreds perish from heat and hunger, and others die during Allied bombings after being forbidden to use air-raid shelters.
 Early May 1942: Jewish Council members at Bilgoraj, Poland, are executed after refusing to compile a list of candidates for deportation.
 Early May 1942: 260 Luxembourg Jews, some converted to Christianity, are sent to Chelmno.
 May 1, 1942: About 1000 Jews are murdered at Dvinsk, Latvia. Only about 450 Jews are left in Dvinsk, down from 16,000 from the previous year.
 May 4-8, 1942: Six Jews in Lódz, Poland, fearing deportation, commit suicide.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 319 
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