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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 322 
The Markuszów (Poland) Ghetto was liquidated on May 9, 1942, a day when the ghetto's remaining 1500 Jews were deported to the Sobibor death camp. This and other May deportations from ghettos in the region signaled the beginning of Sobibor's mass-extermination program. However, a few of Markuszow's Jews escaped to the Parczew Forest, located about 25 miles northeast of the city. There, men and women--ill-trained, poorly armed, and underfed--organized as partisans and resolved to take the measure of their persecutors.
Photo: Yad Vashem
From May 10 to 12, 1942, about 1500 Jews were sent from Sosnowiec, Poland, to Auschwitz, the first of several deportations from that city. In August 1943 the Nazis deported Sosnowiec's remaining 15,000 Jews to Auschwitz.
Photo: Yad Vashem
Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, "Eldest of the Jews" in Lódz, Poland, informs the ghetto population that the deportations have come to an end. In the two previous weeks, May 4 to 15, 10,915 people had been deported for "resettlement"--in reality, the Chelmno death camp. But the population remained suspicious, and rumors--unfortunately accurate--soon began to spread about renewed deportations in the near future.
Photo: Yad Vashem / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 May 18, 1942: The New York Times reports that more than 100,000 Jews have been machine-gunned by Nazis in the Baltic countries, 100,000 in Poland, and some 200,000 in western Russia.
 May 18, 1942: During a public protest of Nazi antisemitism staged in Berlin by Herbert Baum and his followers, portions of "The Soviet Paradise," a government-sponsored anti-Bolshevik exhibition, are set afire. Most members of Baum's group, as well as approximately 500 other Berlin Jews, are arrested.
 May 22, 1942: In an exercise conducted in a forest outside Mielec, Poland, Gestapo agents "cast" Jews as partisans, beat and mutilate them, and then kill them.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 322 
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