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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 369 
This badge of a Jewish policeman in the Czestochowa (Poland) Ghetto was issued by the local Jewish Council. When the ghetto was liquidated in September 1942, nearly 40,000 Jews were deported to the Treblinka death camp. This massive operation spawned a resistance movement that engaged in successful operations against the German Army.
Photo: Czestochowa Public Library / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
The liquidation of the Czestochowa (Poland) Ghetto in September 1942 prompted the officials of the Generalgouvernement to issue a decree about harboring Jewish escapees. Jews who left the Jewish Quarter without permission were subject to the death penalty. In addition, persons who offered escaping Jews shelter, funds, or food were also subject to death. Given, however, that the Jewish population was already targeted for extermination, the stern warning was directed primarily at the gentile population.
Photo: Dokumentationsarchiv des Osterreichischen Widerstandes / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
In November 1942 more than 2000 of the Jews in Grodno, Belorussia, were removed from the ghetto and deported to Auschwitz. This was prompted, in part, by German impatience with the underground activity that flourished in and around Grodno. This photograph was snapped at the ghetto entrance, where German troops supervise Jews who have assembled with carts, bedrolls, furniture, and other items--all of which would be stolen from them upon arrival at Auschwitz.
Photo: Yad Vashem
 Early autumn 1942: New construction at the Treblinka death camp greatly increases its gas-chamber capacity.
 Autumn 1942: Workers at the Sobibór extermination camp begin to burn the bodies of the camp's victims.
 September 23, 1942: Hundreds of Jews from Slovakia and 641 from France are gassed at Auschwitz.
 September 23, 1942: At the Treblinka death camp, 10,000 Jews from Szydlowiec, Poland, are killed.
 September 23, 1942: British Home Secretary and Minister of Home Security Herbert Morrison opposes any further admission of Jewish immigrants into Britain. He fears this would encourage the French Vichy government to "dump" Jewish children into Britain.
 September 24, 1942: Ukrainian and German police begin firing into the Jewish ghetto at Tuchin, Ukraine. A Jewish revolt is led by Gecel Schwarzman (chairman of the Judenrat), Meir Himmelfarb (Schwarzman's deputy), and Tuwia Czuwak. Armed Jews return fire and others set the ghetto ablaze. Two thousand of the ghetto's 3000 residents escape to nearby forests; See September 26-29, 1942.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 369 
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