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1943: Death and Resistance
 pg. 439 

Nazi Einsatzgruppen massacred most of the 350,000 Baltic Jews in 1941. Beginning in late 1942, tens of thousands of Jews from other European countries were sent to forced-labor camps in Estonia.
Janek Krauze fought with partisans in Czestochowa, Poland. The German Aktion against the ghetto's inhabitants in January 1943 inaugurated a series of resistance activities, both inside and outside the ghetto. Krauze was killed on March 19, 1943; the fighting continued on and off into the summer months. On June 25 the ZOB (Jewish Fighting Organization) mounted a campaign to resist the liquidation of the small ghetto area of Czestochowa.
Photo: YIVO
The deserted square and empty buildings testify to the recent Aktion (deportation) of Jews from Czestochowa, Poland. Almost 30,000 Jews, comprising 30 percent of the population, had once contributed to the hustle and bustle of this formerly lively town. During the war the city's ghetto became an assembly point to dispatch Jews sent there from throughout Europe. They were transported to labor camps and to the Treblinka death camp. At one time the ghetto held 48,000 Jews, but its numbers were greatly depleted by 1943.
Photo: Yad Vashem
 March 21, 1943: At Radom, Poland, Jewish physicians are removed from the ghetto and executed at nearby Szydlowiec.
 March 22, 1943: Crematorium IV opens at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
 March 23, 1943: Twenty-nine Jewish orphans at La Rose Orphanage in Les Accates, France, as well as Alice Salomon, the guardian who refused to leave them two months before, are gassed at the Sobibór death camp.
 March 23, 1943: Seventeen hundred Gypsies are murdered at Auschwitz.
 March 23, 1943: In France, 4000 Jews are deported from Marseilles, interned briefly at Drancy, France, then deported to Sobibór.
 March 23, 1943: William Temple, archbishop of Canterbury, states in the House of Lords that Britain should lift all quotas on Jewish immigration into Britain.
 March 25, 1943: One thousand Jews are deported from Marseilles, France, to the Sobibór death camp.
 March 25, 1943: The Jewish community from Zólkiew, Poland, is marched to the Borek Forest and executed.
1943: Death and Resistance
 pg. 439 
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