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1943: Death and Resistance
 pg. 478 
This cartoon, depicting a Jew praying at an altar of wealth, appeared in an antisemitic Hungarian publication. The elevated position of the money in relation to the Torah scroll, Judaism's most holy book, suggests that material values had replaced Jewish spiritual and ethical teachings. The juxtaposition of money and Jews was a favorite theme of Nazi propaganda. The cartoon's artist, Philipp Rupprecht, signed his work "FIPS," and was a frequent front-page contributor to Julius Streicher's crude antisemitic newspaper, Der Stürmer.
Photo: Orzagos Szechenyi Konyvtar, Budapest / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Jewish intellectuals were particularly offensive in the eyes of the Nazis. They not only played a vital role in preserving Jewish culture, but were also, from the point of view of Nazi ideology, responsible for the totally negative effects of Jewish influence upon German culture. The Nazis believed that the Jews were responsible for every intellectual movement of which they disapproved. This included, most importantly, all forms of cultural modernism. These Viennese-Jewish intellectuals, imprisoned in the Mauthausen, Austria, concentration camp, paid a heavy price for this Nazi prejudice.
Photo: YIVO / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Allied troops march across a pontoon bridge over the Volturno River in Italy. The Fifth Army followed in their footsteps, pursuing the Germans as they retreated over the Apennine Mountains. Although progress was slow and casualties were heavy, the Fifth Army slowly made its way north until the winter snows brought progress to a halt near the Rapido River.
Photo: AP/Wide World
 September 5-6, 1943: An old shoe warehouse in the Lódz (Poland) Ghetto takes delivery of 12 freight cars filled with shoes stolen from murdered Jews; See September 13, 1943.
 September 8, 1943: 5006 Jews deported from the Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, camp/ghetto arrive at Auschwitz.
 September 8, 1943: Italian forces surrender to Germany in Rhodes. German troops occupy Athens.
 September 10, 1943: Jewish youths attack German troops at Miedzyrzec, Poland, killing two. Five Jews are shot.
 September 10, 1943: A tea party attended by the widow of Wilhelm H. Solf (former colonial minister under German Emperor Wilhelm II), her daughter Grafin Ballestrem, and other members of the anti-Hitler German Resistance is infiltrated by a Dr. Reckse, a Gestapo informant; See January 1944.
1943: Death and Resistance
 pg. 478 
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