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1945: Liberation and Rebuilding
 pg. 626 
Rivka Tuskolaska, a survivor of Auschwitz, was among the inhabitants of Kibbutz (communal farm) Buchenwald, which was founded in June 1945 near the town of Geringshof, Germany, in the American zone of occupation. The members of the kibbutz immigrated to Palestine in 1946, where they joined the Kibbutz Afikim, but later established their own kibbutz, Netzer Sereni.
Photo: Ccentral Zionist Archives/UHSMM
Residents of the Kibbutz Buchenwald, founded by survivors of the infamous Buchenwald, Germany, concentration camp, dance the hora. This kibbutz, founded on German soil, was designed to prepare its members --through agricultural training--for immigration to Palestine. Kibbutz Buchenwald was dissolved in 1947 when its inhabitants immigrated to Palestine on the boat Tel Chai.
Photo: Fred Diament/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
German prisoners of war held in American hands were well treated--a situation in marked contrast to the horrors perpetrated by Nazis against Soviet POWs and helpless Jews and other civilians. These yet-to-be-repatriated German POWs were assembled at New York's Halloran General Hospital on the morning of June 26, 1945, to view films of German atrocities. Reactions ranged from keen interest to outright shame and grief.
Photo: UPI / Corbis-Bettmann
 May 22, 1945: Polish freebooters stop a train in the Bialystok region of Poland and beat and abduct a Jew named Mejer Sznajder.
 May 23, 1945: A clumsily disguised Heinrich Himmler is recognized and arrested by a British patrol at Bremervörde, Germany. During a preliminary interrogation later in the day at Lüneburg Heath, Germany, the SS chief surprises his captors by abruptly committing suicide with a cyanide capsule hidden in his mouth.
1945: Liberation and Rebuilding
 pg. 626 
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