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1935: Steps Toward Destruction
 pg. 88 
The Netherlands, long recognized as one of Europe's most tolerant countries, admitted about 34,000 refugee Jews from Germany. Of these, about 15,000 became permanent residents of the country, only to be captured by the Germans after the 1940 invasion. This 1935 photograph shows the mayor of the Dutch city of Naarden, Boddons Hosang, holding a refugee Jewish girl.
Photo: Wiener Library, London/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
The year 1935 witnessed a series of violent pogroms in Poland, a country long notorious for its vicious antisemitism, deeply rooted in Polish Catholicism. In response, many Jews fled the country. This greeting card celebrating the Jewish New Year portrays some of the thousands of Polish Jews who emigrated to Israel in spite of severe restrictions imposed by the British, who held the mandate on Palestine.
Photo: Jerzy Tomaszewski/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Sir Oswald Mosley (center) was leader of the British Union of Fascists during the years 1930 to 1940. Fascism's appeal in Britain lay not only in its invocation of traditional English antisemtism, but also in Hitler's apparent success in dealing with the Great Depression. The British Union of Fascists experienced significant appeal, with one source claiming 50,000 members and another source 100,000.
Photo: Archive Photos/Express Newspapers
 1935: The Reichswehr (Reich military; the German force whose size was severely proscribed by the Treaty of Versailles) is renamed the Wehrmacht (Armed Forces) in brazen acknowledgment of Adolf Hitler's military expansion and defiance of the treaty.
 1935: Hitler mandates the creation of the state-controlled Union of Protestant Churches.
 1935: German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, an epic documentary film of the 1934 Nazi Party Congress at Nuremberg and a deification of Hitler, is released.
 1935: The Sturmabteilung (SA) is incorporated into the Schutzstaffel (SS).
 1935: The first issue of the antisemitic Deutsche Wochenschau für Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Technik (German Weekly for Politics, Economy, Culture and Technology) is published in Germany.
1935: Steps Toward Destruction
 pg. 88 
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