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1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 176 
Jewish women in Gostynin, Poland, draw water from a well in the town square. Reinhard Heydrich's executive order of September 21 called for the establishment of Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland. The dissolution of Jewish communities in Poland and Greater Germany with populations under 500 facilitated the relocation of Jews to urban ghettos. Jews throughout Poland were also required to wear a Star of David emblem. This outward identification mark enhanced the distinction between gentile and Jewish Poles, and furthered the isolation of Jews.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
An SS officer searches a Jew on Grzybowska Street in Warsaw, Poland, as part of a raid for weapons in a Jewish neighborhood. The raid was staged to "prove" that Jews were hiding weapons to use against the German Army. Once ensconced in Poland, the Nazi propaganda machine worked overtime to reinforce anti-Jewish prejudices already present in Polish society.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
A Jewish woman in Plonsk, Poland, pleads her case with an SS man. The massive relocation of Polish Jews from the countryside to urban centers ruthlessly uprooted people from their homes and communities. With little time to plan and no allowance made for people to bring the majority of their belongings, Jews were thrust into overcrowded and chaotic ghettos. Efforts to dissuade the Nazis were in vain. Once orders were issued and the concentration of Jews into ghettos had begun, virtually nothing could postpone the process.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 October 17, 1939: Hitler lectures General Wilhelm Keitel and other top Wehrmacht generals on the need for "Jews, Poles, and similar trash" to be cleared from old and new territories of the Reich.
 October 19, 1939: A Jewish ghetto at Lublin, Poland, is established.
 October 24, 1939: Jews in Wloclawek, Poland, are required to wear a yellow cloth triangle identifying them as Jews; See November 23, 1939.
 October 26, 1939: The Labor Department of the Generalgouvernement of Occupied Poland issues the Arbeitspflicht (Work obligation) decree, which makes slave labor mandatory for all Polish men and women over the age of 14 and under age 60.
1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 176 
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