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1940: Machinery of Hatred
 pg. 192 
Myron C. Taylor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's personal envoy to Pope Pius XII, meets with the Pontiff on March 15, 1940. Pope Pius is shown reading Roosevelt's message that was delivered by Mr. Taylor. The purpose of the letter, and the meeting between Taylor and the Pope, was an attempt to bring about peace in Europe. The two men conversed privately for 40 minutes.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Mir Yeshiva students gather on a street corner in the Hongkew district of Shanghai, China. Rescued by the Japanese consul, Sempo Sugihara, some 2000 Jews escaped Kovno, Lithuania, before the German invasion. With transit visas in hand, they made the arduous trip across Siberia to safety in Shanghai, joining a Jewish community that before 1939 had numbered about 5000, mostly from Russia.
Photo: Horst Eisfelder / Beth Hatefutsoth, Tel Aviv
Following the surrender of Denmark in April 1940, life remained much the same for most Danish citizens. A stately symbol of national pride, King Christian X continued to take his daily ride through the streets of Copenhagen. Unlike other countries the Nazis occupied, Denmark was not placed under German administration. Fearing a public uproar, the Nazis also refrained until 1943 from implementing decrees against the country's approximately 7700 Jews.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 Spring 1940: The first deportations of German Gypsies begin, from western and northwestern Germany.
 March 22, 1940: German Field Marshal Hermann Göring halts deportations of Jews to Lublin, Poland, after complaints from Hans Frank, governor-general of Occupied Poland, about "dumping" them.
 April 1940: Germany invades Denmark and Norway. The Danes and Norwegians attempt to prevent the Nazis from harming Jews; See October 1940.
 April 1940: The Institut für deutsche Ostarbeit (Institute for German Work in the East) is founded to study Polish Jewry.
 April 1, 1940: Shanghai, China, accepts thousands of Jewish refugees.
1940: Machinery of Hatred
 pg. 192 
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