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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 232 
A Jewish prisoner in the Jasenovac, Croatia, concentration camp removes his ring before his execution. In October 1941 the Ustasa began to systematically transfer Croatian Jews to Jasenovac. By year's end about two-thirds of Croatian Jewry was incarcerated in the camp, most of whom were later killed by the Ustasa. In all, about 600,000 people lost their lives at Jasenovac. These included Jews, Gypsies, Serbs, and political prisoners.
Photo: Jewish Historical Museum of Yugoslavia / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Jews in the Lódz (Poland) Ghetto are restrained behind a barbed-wire and wooden fence separating the ghetto from the rest of the city. A German soldier took this photograph, which, along with others, was found after the war in his abandoned apartment.
Photo: Frank Morgens / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Adolf Hitler greets Ante Pavelic, the leader of the collaborationist Croatian state, upon his arrival at the Berghof, Hitler's estate in Berchtesgaden, Germany, for a state visit. The June meeting at the scenic command post in the Bavarian Alps signaled Hitler's pleasure with Pavelic's actions in Croatia. Official visits to the Berghof were an important instrument of Nazi foreign policy.
Photo: Muzej Revolucije Narodnosti Jugoslavije / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 June 1941: SS Reich Security Service chief Reinhard Heydrich and Wehrmacht Quartermaster General Eduard Wagner meet to determine how the SS and the Army will carry out their respective tasks in the Soviet Union without hindering each other.
 June 6, 1941: The Commissar Order, issued by the German Army, states that all Soviet officials are to be liquidated.
 June 17, 1941: Reinhard Heydrich briefs Einsatzgruppen commanders on the implementation of the "Final Solution."
 June 17, 1941: French priests in the Lyon diocese publicly protest the Vichy government's anti-Jewish policies.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 232 
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