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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 335 
The summer of 1942 marked a dramatic turning point for the family of Anne Frank (pictured). When Margot, Anne's older sister, was ordered to report for labor, Otto Frank decided to move his entire family into hiding. A secret attic in Amsterdam became their home for the next two years. That same year, for her birthday on June 12, Anne received a diary that would become her best friend. Writing to "Dear Kitty," Anne shared her secret fears, hopes, and dreams.
Photo: Anne Frank Stichting / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Children sometimes proved immune to the prejudices so prevalent among their parents. On June 7, 1942, at Ecole rue Michel Bizot, non-Jewish boys showed their solidarity with their Jewish classmates by wearing the yellow Star of David that was mandatory for Jews. This action, of course, made it impossible to tell the Jews from the non-Jews, making it more difficult for authorities to persecute the Jewish boys. Here, the courageous boys are pictured at a later date.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Men from all over Occupied Europe volunteered to serve in national regiments fighting on the side of the Germans. These Danish troops volunteered for a variety of reasons. Some hoped that service alongside the Germans would be an advantage after what they considered an inevitable German victory. Others fervently supported National Socialist ideology; they were attracted by the Nazis' glorification of the "Aryan race" and/or supported the Germans' antisemitic policies. Such motives were cleverly played upon by ideologically seductive recruitment posters and other Nazi propaganda devices that were common in occupied nations.
Photo: SYddeutscher Verlag Bilderdienst
 July 6, 1942: The first issue of Eynikeyt (Unity), a Yiddish-language journal of the Soviet Jewish Antifascist Committee, is published.
 July 6, 1942: Anne Frank and her family go into hiding in Amsterdam.
 July 7, 1942: SS chief Heinrich Himmler chairs a meeting of SS functionaries to discuss sterilization and other gynecological procedures and experiments on Jewish women held at Auschwitz. The procedures will be conducted without the women's knowledge; See July 10, 1942.
 July 7, 1942: One thousand Jews from Rzeszów, Poland, are killed at the Rudna Forest. Fourteen thousand are deported to the Belzec death camp.
 July 8, 1942: Seven thousand Lvov, Ukraine, Jews are murdered at the Janówska, Ukraine, labor/extermination camp.
 July 8, 1942: Jewish partisan Vitka Kempner and two others leave the Jewish ghetto at Vilna, Lithuania, carrying a land mine with which they hope to disable a German military train located five miles southeast; See July 9, 1942.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 335 
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