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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 344 
Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger commanded the police and SS forces of the Generalgouvernement. On July 19, 1942, Krüger received an order from SS chief Heinrich Himmler that commanded him to assure "that the resettlement of the entire Jewish population of the Generalgouvernement be carried out and completed by December 31." Krüger willingly obeyed.
Photo: Ullstein Bilderdienst 5 33246 -c0
Helping Jews in any way was considered a crime. Here a boy and his mother in the Przemysl (Poland) Ghetto attempt to sell some goods. The woman and child would eat if they sold something, but the likelihood of that was slim because local authorities arrested anyone who engaged in commercial trade with Jews.
Photo: YIVO / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Seated next to Massachusetts Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Rabbi Stephen Wise (left) prepares to address a rally of 18,000 people in Madison Square Garden. Speakers promised a day of reckoning for Nazi barbarity. A gifted orator, Wise worked tirelessly to call attention to the plight of peoples under Nazi oppression. When he learned of the implementation of the "Final Solution," he turned his energies to urging the Roosevelt administration to launch rescue efforts.
Photo: Corbis-Bettmann U953470INP>1
 August 1942: A heat wave and caterpillars destroy a cabbage crop cultivated by residents of the Lódz Ghetto.
 August 1942: In the Ukraine, some 500 Jewish families are shot to death by SS Einsatzgruppen and dumped in a mass grave near the town of Zagrodski.
 August 1942: The Majdanek, Poland, camp is fitted with gas chambers.
 August 1942: Fifty thousand Jews are deported from Lvov, Ukraine, to the Belzec death camp.
 August 1942: Catholic nun Edith Stein, born a Jew, is arrested in the Netherlands by the Gestapo; See August 8, 1942.
 August 1942: The United States, British, and German governments save two and a half million Greek civilians from starvation. Great Britain and the United States agree to permit food to reach Greece after the Germans assure them that the food will not be confiscated. Great Britain ships 35,000 tons of food per month to Greece and the United States pays for it; the process is monitored by neutral nations and the International Red Cross. The agreement costs the Allies $30 million per year. In contrast, the Allies do not seek to help feed Europe's Jews.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 344 
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