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1934: Triumph of the Will
 pg. 76 
Her face brimming with youthful joy and optimism, 19-year-old Gerda D. was hospitalized in the psychiatric emergency ward of a hospital in Berlin. Although the diagnosis of Gerda as schizophrenic was uncertain, she was released only after being sterilized under the Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases. Passed the previous year, this vicious measure was one of a series of actions against those deemed a threat to Germany's racial purity and health.
Photo: Karl Bonhoeffer/Nervenklinik
The SD (Sicherheitsdienst; Security Service) was the intelligence arm of the SS. Led by Reinhard Heydrich, it ruthlessly sought out the enemies of National Socialism. Increasingly focusing upon eliminating Jews from German society, the SD drew Adolf Eichmann (pictured) to its ranks soon after its founding in March 1934. Eichmann had joined the SS in 1932, serving as a corporal at Dachau and attracting the attention of Heydrich and his superior, Heinrich Himmler. The SD offered Eichmann new opportunities to rise in rank and become a ņspecialistņ in Jewish affairs, leading him to play a key role in implementing the ņFinal Solution.ņ
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
After immigrating from Frankfurt, Germany, with her family in 1934, Anne Frank (right) plays outside her Amsterdam home with her friend, Sanne. In response to open antisemitism and increasing Nazi attacks, about 50,000 Jews had left their German homeland to seek safer havens by the end of 1934.
Photo: Anne Frank Stichting
 1934: "Twenty-Five Points of the German Religion" are issued in Germany by Professor Ernst Bergmann. It holds that Christ was not a Jew but a Nordic warrior put to death by Jews, and whose death spared the world from Jewish domination; Adolf Hitler is the new messiah sent to Earth to save the world from Jews.
 1934: Heinrich Himmler is given responsibility for police in Prussia, making him the chief of police forces throughout the Reich.
 1934: The Institut für Erbbiologie und Rassenforschung (Institute of Hereditary Biology and Race Research) is founded at the University of Frankfort am Main by Dr. Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer to study racial and hereditary issues.
1934: Triumph of the Will
 pg. 76 
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