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1936: The Nazis
 pg. 108 
This German, antisemitic cartoon is entitled "The Progress of 'Modern Art'--Dance with a Prostitute." Pictured is a Jewish "degenerate" artist whose palette bears the words Schulchan Aruch (a medieval compendium of Jewish law). Also pictured are a Jewish journalist and a filmmaker, symbolizing the alleged Jewish control of the media. The wealthy, well-fed Jewish man in the foreground parties with a prostitute while dancing on the cross. Other details suggest capitalism (the woman's top hat), Freemasonry (the symbol on the dancer's cummerbund), and African-American jazz (the saxophone).
Photo: Raphael Aronson/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
The right-wing, anti-Jewish weekly Polish publication Samoobrona Naradu (National Self-Defense) lobbied extensively to remove all Jews from Poland. Urging its countrymen to pay heed to their Jewish ņproblem,ņ the paper led the campaign to ņclear Poland of its Jews.ņ This edition carried the following text: ņPOLAND FOR THE POLES! A feeling of national pride, solidarity, and unity must be aroused. Each of you must lend support to the Polish worker, shopkeeper, et al. JOBS AND BREAD IN POLAND FOR THE POLES!ņ The cartoon at the top of the announcement portrays a Pole carting Jews off to Palestine.
Photo: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Persecution of Homosexuals

Homosexuals were prime targets of persecution by the Nazis, who considered them defilers of German blood. Declaring homosexuality a crime of degeneracy contrary to "wholesome popular sentiment," the regime moved to eradicate it.

From 1933 to 1944, the Nazis convicted and sent to concentration camps tens of thousands of men on charges of homosexuality. There they were humiliated, tortured, subjected to medical experimentation, and killed. An estimated 5000 to 15,000 homosexuals perished behind barbed-wire fences during the Holocaust.

The campaign against homosexuals was especially fierce from 1936 to 1939. In order to identify homosexuals, the Gestapo compiled lists of known individuals, encouraged all citizens to report deviant behavior, pressured victims to denounce others, tracked down names in address books, raided gay bars and clubs, and confiscated subscription lists of gay magazines.

Thrown into concentration camps for "rehabilitation," homosexuals were forced to wear identifying triangular patches of pink cloth. There they were subjected to degradation and sadistic beatings by guards. Many were castrated or became human guinea pigs for hormone experiments conducted by SS doctors. Political enemies of the regime, such as Catholic priests, were also conveniently eliminated through charges of homosexuality.

 November 27, 1936: Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels declares that film criticism is henceforth banned, freeing the Nazi-controlled German film industry to pursue its own agenda, which includes blatantly antisemitic films.
 November 27, 1936: During the same period in the United States, Hollywood is self-censored in that it fears dealing with Jewish issues because of the high level of antisemitism existing at the time in the United States.
 November 29, 1936: Germany's Minister of Agriculture, Walther Darré, declares that democracy and liberalism were invented by the Jews.
1936: The Nazis
 pg. 108 
The Holocaust Chronicle
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