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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 242 
Chava and Jadzia Liwer received a gift of life on June 24, 1941: a Polish passport issued in Tokyo, Japan. The certificate was obtained by Abram Liwer, husband of Chava and father of Jadzia. The Liwer family had fled their native Bedzin, Poland, on August 20, 1939, and resettled in Lvov, Ukraine. When Chava and Jadiza were deported to Siberia, Abram Liwer fled to Vilna and then later to Kovno, Lithuania. In Kovno he obtained the passport for his wife and daughter and a visa for himself. The family was reunited in Tokyo on April 1, 1941.
Photo: Joan Liwer Wren / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Jews of Bialystok, Poland, participate in forced labor. When the Nazis occupied the city on June 27, 1941, they quickly rounded up Jews for labor brigades, acts of public humiliation, and deadly, sadistic games. German soldiers herded hundreds of Jews into a local synagogue, locked and barred the doors, and set the building on fire. Everyone inside was burned alive.
Photo: Bundesarchiv / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Of physicians among the Yugoslavian partisans, the vast majority were Jewish. Dr. Rosa Papo, a Yugoslavian Jewish partisan, served as the first woman general in the Yugoslavian Army.
Photo: Jewish Historical Museum of Yugoslavia / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 July 1-August 31, 1941: Members of the Einsatzgruppen, the Wehrmacht, and Esalon Special, a Romanian unit, kill more than 150,000 Jews in Bessarabia, a region of eastern Romania.
 July 2, 1941: Eight hundred Jews are killed at Novo Selista, Ukraine, and hundreds more perish at Kamenka and Stryj, Ukraine.
 July 2, 1941: A German cavalry unit on patrol in Lubieszow, Volhynia, Ukraine, murders Jewish resisters.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 242 
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