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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 342 

The Germans renamed certain territories after occupying them. The Baltic states became Reichskommissariat Ostland. Greater Germany and the Generalgouvernement included western and eastern Poland, respectively.
Parisian Jew Paulette Zelasneg, pictured at age six, wears her Yellow Star. On July 16, 1942, La Grande Rafle ("The Big Sweep") began in Paris, as foreign Jews living in the city were rounded up.
With trains bringing thousands of fresh laborers to replace those who dropped from exhaustion and malnutrition, Monowitz-Buna developed into a vast industrial machine, with the huge chemical firm I.G. Farben at its hub. In the midst of industrialized inhumanity, prisoners struggled to remain human rather than to become animals. Primo Levi recounted that precisely "because the Lager (camp) was a great machine to reduce us to beasts, we must not become beasts; that even in this place one can survive, and therefore one must want to survive, to tell the story, to bear witness."
Photo: State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 July 31, 1942: Governor Wilhelm Kube reports to Hinrich Lohse, Reichskommissar of the Baltic regions and Belorussia, that "Jewry has been completely eliminated" in the Minsk area.
 July 31, 1942: Bluma Rozenfeld, 19, leaps to her death from a fifth-floor window in the Lódz (Poland) Ghetto.
 July 31, 1942: Israel Lichtenstein writes from the Warsaw Ghetto: "At present, together with me, both of us get ready to meet and receive death. I wish my little daughter to be remembered. Margalith, twenty months old today....I don't lament my own life nor that of my wife. I pity only the so little, nice and talented girl. She deserves to be remembered."
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 342 
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