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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 347 
In July 1942 22,000 Jews from the area of Rzeszów, Poland, were sent to the Belzec death camp. Another 1000 Jews were brought to the nearby Rudna Forest and shot. Here, Jewish women undress before execution. The Germans usually required the Jews to disrobe so that their clothes could be sent back for use in Germany.
Photo: Beit Lohamei Haghetaot / Yad Vashem
This propaganda photograph presents a staged view of the living conditions in the barracks of the Dutch transit camp Westerbork. The plump pillows and crisp sheets that cover each bunk were calculated to assure the Red Cross that inmates were enjoying sanitary and comfortable conditions. Of course, nothing could have been further from the truth. Additional insult arose from the facti occupation of the Netherlands brought suffering and hardship to the populace, including this young child. This photograph is part of a series documenting the German occupation taken by Emmy Andreisse, a member of the Dutch Resistance. Before the war she had studied photography and graphic design. During the war years she put her talents to work in "Hidden Camera," a project designed to photograph conditions in the Netherlands under the occupation.
Photo: Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Jews of Nice sort through a pile of potatoes on the street. By 1942 many French Jews were reduced to poverty. The antisemitic policies of the Vichy government deprived many Jews of their livelihoods. When the deportation of Jews began in July 1942, the administrator of Nice was anxious to get rid of the nearly 8000 Jews who lived under his authority. In France, most Jews who were deported were foreign Jews.
Photo: Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 August 5, 1942: The Jewish community at Pilica, Poland, is liquidated.
 August 6, 1942: Three thousand Jews are murdered at Diatlovo, Belorussia. Six hundred escape, more than 100 of whom form a partisan unit led by Hirsch Kaplinski; See December 1942.
 August 6, 1942: Fifteen thousand Jews from Warsaw are deported to the Treblinka death camp.
 August 6-17, 1942: Twenty thousand Jews from Radom, Poland, are murdered at the Treblinka death camp.
 August 8, 1942: Jews of Szczebrzeszyn, Poland, go into hiding when Nazis order 2000 to assemble for deportation. By day's end, only a handful have been discovered.
 August 8, 1942: Catholic nun Edith Stein is gassed at Auschwitz.
 August 9, 1942: The Jewish Council of Zwierzyniec, Poland, ransoms its community with gold. Only 52 of the town's poorest Jews are seized for deportation.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 347 
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