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1944: Desperate Acts
 pg. 573 
At the Strasbourg University Institute of Anatomy in France, Dr. August Hirt led a special program to display 86 Jewish skeletons for "educational" purposes. The Jews had been specially chosen at Auschwitz and shipped to Struthof, France, to be gassed.
Photo: National Archives / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
The Jewish corpses were immersed in vats of alcohol for more than a year before Hirt's group had the opportunity to strip the flesh from the bones. Directors of the institute attempted at the last minute to destroy the evidence, but the Allies arrived too quickly.
Photo: Musee de la Resistance Nationale / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
A child at the Neuengamme concentration camp raises her arm to show the scar following the removal of her lymph nodes, part of a Nazi experiment to gauge the effects of tuberculosis on the immune system. Most inmates at Neuengamme, located near Hamburg, Germany, labored in armaments manufacture. A few, about 100 adults and 20 children sent from Auschwitz, were chosen to participate in medical experiments. On the orders of Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer, the children were infected with tuberculosis. When Germany's impending defeat became obvious, most were killed so they could not testify to the horrors they had experienced.
Photo: Gunther Schwarberg/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 November 14, 1944: Catholic labor leader and Resistance member Bernhard Letterhaus is hanged by the Germans.
 November 18, 1944: Jewish-Palestinian paratrooper Enzo Sereni is executed by Germans at Dachau, Germany.
 November 20, 1944: Jewish-Palestinian paratroopers Haviva Reik, Rafael Reiss, and Zvi Ben-Yaakov are executed in Czechoslovakia.
 November 21, 1944: Saarburg, Germany, is taken by Allied troops.
 November 22, 1944: Protectors of Jews in Budapest, Hungary, meet with Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg at the city's Swedish legation; See November 23-27, 1944.
 November 22, 1944: Mulhouse, France, is liberated by Allied troops.
 November 23-27, 1944: Swiss consulate officials Leopold Breszlauer and Ladislaus Kluger issue about 300 protective documents to Hungarian Jews gathered at the Hungarian-Austrian border.
1944: Desperate Acts
 pg. 573 
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