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1944: Desperate Acts
 pg. 574 
Since so many Germans were at the front or had been killed in the war, the Nazis increasingly relied on slave labor for production. This was the case, as this photograph indicates, in even high-tech operations. These prisoners, at the underground weapons plant at the Dora-Mittelbau complex near Nordhausen, Germany, perform highly complex work that would go into the construction of the V-2 terror rocket.
Photo: Ullstein Bilderdienst
The Germans became increasingly desperate as it became clear to them that their war was lost. Germany's leaders placed a great deal of faith in newly conceived "Vengeance" weapons that they believed would turn the tide of the war. The infamous V-2 rocket was designed to wreak havoc on London.
Photo: Ullstein Bilderdienst
While hundreds of V-1s and V-2s rained down upon London late in the war, they had little military effect; still, the rockets unnerved many Britons and killed about 5500.
Photo: Ullstein Bilderdienst
 November 25, 1944: A prisoner demolition of Auschwitz's crematorium II begins. Pipes and ventilation motors are separated and sent to camps at Mauthausen, Austria, and Gross-Rosen, Germany.
 November 27, 1944: "The Trial and Punishment of European War Criminals," a report by U.S. Secretary of War Henry Stimson and Secretary of State Cordell Hull, is submitted to President Franklin Roosevelt.
 December 1944: After three months' work at Lieberose, Germany, Nazis suspend slave labor on a vacation complex for German officers. They instead evacuate the Jewish workers 100 miles on foot northwest to the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen, Germany. Of 3500 who begin the march, only 900 arrive at the destination. Several hundred sick inmates who are unable to begin the march are shot in their beds.
1944: Desperate Acts
 pg. 574 
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