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1933: The Nazi State Begins
 pg. 63 
A gathering is held in London's Hyde Park to protest the Nazi treatment of German Jews. Free to express their opposition, thousands of Londoners listened to the speaker detail the campaign against German Jewry. And yet for all this, the British government seemed willfully oblivious to the German terror tactics.
Photo: Wide World Photo/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Rabbi M. Z. Margolies addresses the crowd at New York's Madison Square Garden on March 27, 1933. An estimated 55,000 people joined the demonstration to protest the Nazi treatment of German Jews. Speeches by leading rabbinical authorities, politicians, and celebrities had little impact on the Nazi regime. While Jewish religious leaders called for a day of fasting and prayer to publicize the plight of German Jews, the effort was impotent in the face of the Nazi assault.
Photo: National Archives/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Thousands of American Communists take to the streets in New York City on March 25, 1933, to protest the actions of the German government. Carrying banners that professed solidarity with their political brethren and the Jews of Germany, this crowd made its way through the streets of lower Manhattan to the nearby German consulate.
Photo: National Archives/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 April 11, 1933: The German government begins employment and economic sanctions against Jews that are widely perceived as being racially based. The Lutheran Church opposes the sanctions.
 April 14, 1933: The Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten (National Political Educational Institutes) are established as training schools for Nazi Party cadets.
 April 25, 1933: The Law for Preventing Overcrowding in German Schools and Schools of Higher Education takes effect; the law restricts enrollment of Jews. Similar extra-legal discrimination against Jews already exists in the United States.
 April 26, 1933: Hermann Göring establishes the Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei; Secret State Police).
 April 26, 1933: Hitler meets with Bishop Wilhelm Berning of Osnabrück and Monsignor Steinmann, prelates representing the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. Hitler claims that he is only doing to the Jews what the Catholic Church has already done to them for 1600 years. He reminds the prelates that the Church has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos. Hitler suggests that his anti-Jewish actions are "doing Christianity a great service." Bishop Berning and Monsignor Steinmann later describe the talks as "cordial and to the point."
1933: The Nazi State Begins
 pg. 63 
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