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1946: The Pursuit of Justice
 pg. 643 
One of the major goals of the Nazis was to completely destroy the culture of Europe's Jews, and survivors were determined not to see Hitler gain a victory on this score. Here, children in the Landsberg, Germany, DP camp study from a Hebrew religious text. Most of these DP children had never received such instruction, because the Nazis forbade it and executed those who attempted to teach others about Judaism.
Photo: George Kadish
Ferenc Szálasi, in death. As leader of the Arrow Cross movement, he led a Fascist government in Hungary during the last year of the war. He staged a coup against Admiral Miklós Horthy's government when it attempted to make peace with the Soviets in the fall of 1944. As a close ally of the Germans, Szálasi's government viciously persecuted Hungary's Jewish population. Szálasi was executed on March 12, 1946.
Photo: Susan Schaffer
Large numbers of displaced persons settled in the United States under President Harry Truman's December 1945 immigration order. Here a displaced person, a passenger on the SS Marine Flasher, arrives in New York City. Like many other postwar immigrants, this woman apparently had family and friends who already lived in the United States. Such contacts helped the new arrivals acclimate to their new country.
Photo: FPG International
 1946: The Allies and Switzerland agree on the return of assets looted by the Nazis from treasuries of conquered nations. No provision is made for the return of assets looted from individuals; See May 1996.
 February 3, 1946: Friedrich Jeckeln, former SS-Obergruppenführer of the Soviet Union and the Baltic Republics, is hanged in the former Riga (Latvia) Ghetto after being convicted of war crimes.
 February 5, 1946: Polish antisemites murder four Jews in the Parczew Forest in Poland.
 March 1946: Survivors of a Jewish concentration-camp orchestra perform classical selections and songs from the ghettos for members of the Nuremberg Tribunal, at the Nuremberg Opera House.
 March 12, 1946: Ferenc Szálasi, the former head of the Nazi-controlled puppet government in Hungary, is executed after being convicted of war crimes; See March 22, 1946.
1946: The Pursuit of Justice
 pg. 643 
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