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1946: The Pursuit of Justice
 pg. 648 
The face of the dead man on the left bears evidence of the vehement antisemitism in Kielce. One or more enraged Poles beat him viciously and repeatedly in the head and face, injuring him mortally.
Photo: Archive of the State Security Office, Warsaw, Poland
Regina Fisz and her child also died in the Kielce, Poland, pogrom.
Photo: Archive of the State Security Office, Warsaw, Poland
During the Holocaust, the Nazis destroyed thousands of Torah scrolls across Occupied Europe. Hence, after the war many Hebrew congregations had no Torah scrolls, an important component of Jewish ritual. Arthur Greenleigh (in uniform), a representative of the Joint Distribution Committee, is shown here at a ceremony in which he presented 33 scrolls, donated by American Jews, to the Jewish community of France.
Photo: American Jewish Joint Dist. Committee
Driven to desperation by British stonewalling on the issue of a Jewish state, Jewish nationalist groups in Palestine campaigned to evict the British and establish the nation of Israel. On July 22, 1946, the Irgun Tseva'i Le'ummi (National Military Organization), founded by dissident Hagana members, blew up Jerusalem's King David Hotel, the headquarters of the British government and military in Palestine. Seventy-six Jews, Arabs, and Britons were killed, and dozens of people were injured. The Irgun subsequently claimed that sufficient warning to evacuate had been given; the British denied this. Regardless, the bombing hardened British resolve to block the foundation of a Jewish state.
Photo: Archive France/Tallandier/Archive Photos: F112N8L
 June 1946: Following the murder of two Jews in Biala Podlaska, Poland, the town's remaining Jews leave the country.
 June 1, 1946: Ion Antonescu, the antisemitic former dictator of Romania, is executed after being convicted of war crimes. Mihai Antonescu, the antisemitic former deputy prime minister of Romania, is executed after being convicted of war crimes.
 July 4, 1946: Following the disappearance of a Christian child at Kielce, Poland, a violent pogrom breaks out against the city's Jews. A mob storms the Jewish community center and murders 42 Jews, including two children. (The missing Christian boy is discovered unharmed in a nearby village.) Other anti-Jewish pogroms break out across Poland. Following the violence, 100,000 Polish Jews will leave their nation for Palestine, the United States, Latin America, Australia, Great Britain, and Western Europe.
1946: The Pursuit of Justice
 pg. 648 
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