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1946: The Pursuit of Justice
 pg. 649 
These Jewish displaced persons were members of a sports team that competed in the Zeilsheim, Germany, DP camps. Such teams, as well as nonsports clubs, helped Jews rebuild their social and cultural lives, which the Holocaust had largely destroyed. However, a presidential inquiry authorized by Harry Truman late in 1945 revealed that the conditions under which the displaced Jews were detained were inexcusably harsh. Sports clubs and other in-camp groups could not compensate for the fact that "[h]ousing, medical, and recreational facilities were inadequate," and that "northing was being done to improve the quality of life. . . ."
Photo: Alice Lev/ United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Jews suspected of terrorism by the British crowd against the barbed wire imprisoning them at the Latrun, Palestine, detention camp. Intent upon thwarting the Jewish push for a homeland, British authorities took strong measures, turning back ships, such as the Exodus, and imprisoning any people suspected of belonging to the Mossad, the Jewish intelligence organization.
Photo: Archive Photos
The leaders of many ghettos were determined to keep a record of what was happening to Europe's Jews under Nazi occupation. Emanuel Ringelblum, as the Warsaw Ghetto's historian, kept copious records in secret, burying them in milk cans so that future generations would know about the Holocaust. Pictured is a place where some of Ringelblum's records were unearthed. Several cans remain undiscovered.
Photo: Yad Vashem
 July 11, 1946: A Polish primate, Cardinal August Hlond, blames the Jews of Kielce, Poland, for the murderous pogrom against them on July 4.
 July 20, 1946: Arthur Greiser, former Gauleiter of the Warthegau region in Poland, is hanged at Poznan, Poland, after being convicted of war crimes.
 July 22, 1946: Jewish guerrillas of Irgun Tseva'i Le'ummi (IZL; National Military Organization) explode a bomb at Jerusalem's King David Hotel, the headquarters of the British administrators of Palestine.
 July 26, 1946: A prosecution summation is presented by Robert H. Jackson at Nuremberg.
1946: The Pursuit of Justice
 pg. 649 
The Holocaust Chronicle
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