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1935: Steps Toward Destruction
 pg. 90 
Germany lost the Saar region as a result of the First World War. On January 13, 1935, the people of the Saar voted overwhelmingly in favor of a return to Germany. The result of the plebiscite was an important propaganda victory for Hitler, who could claim to have the support of the vast majority of the German people. This photograph shows a demonstration in Trier following the annexation of the territory. The banner reads, ņThe Saar is ours.ņ
Photo: National Archive/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
On March 16, 1935, the Führer's cabinet met and decided to announce publicly that Germany was reintroducing military conscription. Although this policy violated the Treaty of Versailles, the French and British governments did nothing in response, choosing to believe Hitler's assertion that the policy was a purely defensive measure. The resulting rejuvenation of the German Army was important to the future of Nazi Germany's expansionist policies.
Photo: UPI/Corbis - Bettmann
As part of their effort to prepare Germany for war, the Nazis made a concerted effort to promote paramilitary organizations, such as the Hitler Youth. In 1939 participation in this organization became mandatory, and its membership rose to 8.9 million. The Hitler Youth helped the Nazis to indoctrinate German boys with racist ideology as well as give them rudimentary military training.
Photo: AP/Wide World Photos
 January 13, 1935: A plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the League of Nations brings the Saar region into Greater Germany.
 March 1, 1935: Germany retakes the Saarland; See April 1, 1935.
 March 16, 1935: Germany initiates conscription, in defiance of the Versailles Treaty. France, England, and the United States do not do anything to reverse the Reich's decision.
 April 1, 1935: Anti-Jewish legislation in the Saar region is passed.
 April 30, 1935: Jews may no longer display the German flag.
1935: Steps Toward Destruction
 pg. 90 
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