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1935: Steps Toward Destruction
 pg. 91 
In 1935 Hessy Levinson Taft, then six months old, appeared on the cover of the Nazi family magazine Sun in the House. Hessy was presented as the archetype of Aryan babyhood. Ironically, the baby wasn't Aryan at all. In fact, her parents were Latvian Jews. When confronted by Hessy's frightened mother, the photographer admitted that he had submitted the photograph to a beauty contest for Aryan babies, hoping to mock Nazi racial theory. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.
Photo: Hessy Levinson Taft/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
It was important to Nazi officials that those who cared for German children were themselves of Aryan ancestry. This student nurse, or ņlittle blonde sister,ņ was painstakingly screened before being permitted to look after these infants. The Nazi flag, and banner with SS runes, bring a spooky irony to this otherwise idyllic scene.
Photo: Bundesarchiv/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Racist ideology became part of the curriculum in German schools. Students, like these girls in a home economics class at the Luise-Otto-Peters School in Berlin, regularly made posters incorporating racist themes. The text reads: ņYour first duty is: To take care of your race, to ensure that the race remains healthy, and to protect the race from foreign influences.ņ
Photo: Karl Bonhoeffer- Nervenklinik/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 May 12, 1935: Polish dictator Jozef Pilsudski dies. From here on Jews will experience more antisemitism in Poland. The government and most Polish political parties will call for discrimination, economic boycott, expulsion, and physical violence against Jews. The Polish Catholic Church, most priests, the Catholic press, and schools will sanction discrimination and/or violence against the Jews.
 May 14, 1935: A court in Bern, Switzerland, pronounces the German edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a forgery.
 May 31, 1935: Jews are banned from the German Armed Forces.
 June 9, 1935: Anti-Jewish riots occur in Grodno, Poland.
 June 18, 1935: The Anglo-German Naval Agreement permits the expansion of the German Navy.
 June 26, 1935: The Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases (see July 14, 1933) is amended to provide for compulsory abortion of "unfit" fetuses up to six months in utero.
1935: Steps Toward Destruction
 pg. 91 
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