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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 250 

Germany occupied Serbia in 1941, interned most of its 16,000 Jews, and shot or gassed most of them. The pro-Nazi Ustasa government in Croatia interned about 30,000 Jews, most in the Jasenovac camp, where 20,000 Jews perished.
About a third of the population of Minsk, Belorussia, was Jewish by the time the Germans arrived in June 1941. The city's Jews were confined to a ghetto beginning in July, and executions and deportations took place with metronomic regularity. In this photo, Adolf Wedekind, a member of a German police regiment, poses in front of a Nazi display replete with a portrait of Hitler. Wedekind's regiment was involved in the executions of Soviet partisans in the areas surrounding Minsk. As the German Army extended its hold over Europe, the question of manpower became critical. Police regiments like Wedekind's were instrumental in carrying out the racial reordering of Eastern Europe.
Photo: National Archives / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
A diagram drawn by an unidentified German soldier describes details of an Aktion at Zhitomir in the Ukraine, during which about 500 Jews were shot. As illustrated, Jews were forced to dig a ditch and then kneel at the edge. Each would be shot in the back of the head and then fall into the ditch.
Photo: Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 July 27, 1941: The clothing of Jews murdered in Ponas, Ukraine, is sold by the Ukrainian and Nazi killers.
 July 28, 1941: Local police and militiamen, acting with the acquiescence of SS troops at the prison at Drogobych, Ukraine, use guns, clubs, and fists to slaughter hundreds of Jews. The streets are choked with badly injured fleeing Jews and mangled corpses.
 July 29, 1941: German occupation troops in and around Belgrade, Yugoslavia, execute 122 Communists and Jews for resistance.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 250 
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