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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 371 

About 75,000 Jews in France (mostly foreign) were deported; others were confined to concentration camps. About 25,000 Belgian and 100,000 Dutch Jews were also deported, most to their deaths.
An antisemitic and anti-Gaullist propaganda poster depicts French General Charles de Gaulle as the puppet of the Jews. The poster's headline reads, "The True Face of Free France." When combined with the portrait of the general standing in front of stereotypically portrayed Jews, these words clearly communicated the desired message. As leader of the Free French government-in-exile in London, de Gaulle's opposition to the Nazis was well established. The Nazi propaganda machine sought to discredit its opponents by linking them with "international Jewry."
Photo: Archives La Documentation franņaise / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Shmuel Kaplinski was a member of Vilna, Lithuania's United Partisan Organization, a wide-ranging alliance comprised of members from numerous youth groups. On September 23, 1942, Kaplinski helped 80 to 100 FPO members escape from the ghetto via the Vilna sewer system. Once outside of the ghetto, the group rendezvoused with the Kailis partisans, who operated in the nearby Rudninkai Forest.
Photo: Jewish State Museum of Lithuania / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 September 25, 1942: Seven hundred Romanian Jews, interned at Drancy, are deported to Auschwitz.
 September 25, 1942: 475 French Jews are gassed at Auschwitz. One of the victims is ballet director René Blum, the brother of former French Prime Minister Léon Blum.
 September 25, 1942: Abraham Gamzu, chairman of the Jewish Council at Kaluszyn, Poland, is executed after refusing to deliver Jews for deportation. Six thousand of the town's residents are deported to the Treblinka death camp and later killed.
 September 26, 1942: SS Lieutenant General August Frank advises camp administrators that jewelry and other valuables seized from Jews should be sent to the German Reichsbank, and that razors and other practical items should be cleaned and delivered to front-line troops for sale to them. Proceeds will go to the Reich. Further, confiscated household items are to be distributed to ethnic Germans.
 September 26, 1942: Brussels Jewish leader Edward Rotbel is deported to Auschwitz. Several hundred Dutch Jews are gassed there; See October 9, 1942.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 371 
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