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1943: Death and Resistance
 pg. 474 
Partisans from Rovno in the Volhynia area of Poland prepare to join their comrades in the fight against their oppressors. As the Nazis planned a final Aktion, some Jews escaped and fled to the surrounding forests. Operating within Volhynia, Moshe Gildenman, known as "Uncle Misha," organized an effective partisan unit that inflicted losses on German and Ukrainian troops.
Photo: Yad Vashem
The Nazis made widespread use of forced labor in high-tech industries, such as the manufacture of the V-2 rockets that rained down on Britain and Belgium during the final months of the war. These workers are engaged in the construction of a vast system of underground tunnels to house the rocket works. Unlike many of the Reich's millions of slaves, the primary danger to these inmates--who were housed in the open outside the tunnels--came from the threat posed by Allied bombing.
Photo: Hans Hubmann / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Two Jewish partisans, weapons at the ready, prepare for battle. Heeding the call of Abba Kovner to fight rather than to surrender to their oppressors, young people from the ghettos of Vilna and Kovno, Lithuania, tried to escape and join the partisans. Most groups were poorly armed and sometimes faced hostility from antisemitic partisans who hated the Nazis for reasons other than the persecution of Jews. Fired by a desire for revenge, Jews formed partisan groups like Ha-Nokem, founded by Vilna Jews, and Kadima, started by Jews from Kovno.
Photo: Beth Hatefutsoth
 August 26, 1943: The Jewish community from Zawiercie, Poland, is destroyed at Auschwitz.
 August 26, 1943: A young Jewish woman, one of 24 who was an unwilling guest at an SS "party" at the Janówska, Ukraine, labor camp the previous night, is shot during an escape attempt. The remaining 23 women are subsequently murdered.
 August 27, 1943: All the Jews working at a cement factory at Drogobych, Ukraine, near the Janówska labor camp, are murdered. One of the victims is Dr. Mojzesz Bay, a 36-year-old graduate of the Sorbonne.
 August 28, 1943: Germany imposes martial law on Denmark and abolishes the Danish-German agreement of April 9, 1940, which prevented German molestation of Jews.
1943: Death and Resistance
 pg. 474 
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