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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 264 
Dean of faculty at Berlin University, Dr. Franz Six was an SS general commanding a unit of Einsatzgruppe B and responsible for murdering more than 50,000 Jews. He was sentenced to only 20 years in prison and served but four because John McCloy, American high commissioner of Germany, chose to use him in the U.S. counterintelligence service. He later testified on behalf of Adolf Eichmann at Eichmann's trial in Jerusalem.
Photo: AP/Wide World
German soldiers confront a Jewish woman in a Bessarabian transit camp. Many Jews were killed as a result of Romanian leader Ion Antonescu's decree Curatirea Terenului (Cleansing of the Ground). Those who survived were relegated to primitive camps with grass huts, like the one pictured here, or to crowded ghettos.
Photo: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
The German conquest of Yugoslavia unleashed new brutality against the country's Jews. With foot raised to deliver yet another blow, a soldier of the German mountain troops kicks a man to death during the campaign to rid the Macva region of all Jews.
Photo: Muzej Revolucije Narodnosti Jugoslavije / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 September 15, 1941: Eighteen thousand Jews are murdered at Berdichev, Ukraine.
 September 16, 1941: All 24,000 Jews of Uman, Ukraine, are assembled at the town's airport and murdered by German troops.
 September 17-18, 1941: A general deportation of German Jews begins.
 September 19, 1941: Germans capture Kiev, Ukraine.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 264 
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