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1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 284 
Hanna Lehrer, a Munich Jew, wears both her personal Jewish star around her neck and the mandated Yellow Star badge identifying her, isolating her, and alienating her from other Germans. Hanna was later sent to Riga, Latvia, where she was killed.
Photo: Yad Vashem / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Vichy France leader Philippe Pétain (second from left) marches with top Nazi official Hermann Göring (fourth from left) in St. Florentin-Vergigny, France, in December 1941. The Vichy regime not only collaborated with the Germans, but went out of its way to round up Jews who were not French citizens and ship them off to death camps in Poland before the Germans asked them to. In the minds of many Vichy supporters, France may have lost to Germany but at least stood victorious over the Jews.
Photo: Roger et Violet / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Late in 1941 about 80 Jews residing in Bielefeld, Germany, were rounded up along with hundreds of other German Jews for transport to the Riga-Kaiserwald concentration camp in Latvia. This camp specialized in murdering Jews by means of poison-gas vans. One of the SS's innovations was to load Jews into a poison-gas van and kill the Jewish occupants while the van was driving to a mass grave site. The dead Jews could then be conveniently dumped into the pit, which was covered over with dirt by other Jewish prisoners.
Photo: Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 December 1941: Fur coats belonging to Jews in eastern Germany are confiscated by the Nazis. They'll be used by German soldiers on the Eastern Front.
 December 1941: The Jesuit journal Civiltà Cattolica, published in Rome under strict Vatican supervision, reminds Catholics that the Jews are supposedly those primarily responsible for murdering God and that the Jews repeat this crime by means of ritual murder "in every generation."
 December 1, 1941: SS Colonel Karl Jäger, commander of Einsatzkommando 3, reports to Berlin that 85 percent of Lithuanian Jewry has been destroyed.
1941: Mass Murder
 pg. 284 
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